We humans are the tool builders, we build them to help us achieve for greater productivity. We at ngHMS started our journey with the same thought in our mind to build tools to improve life . Doctors do service to mankind, which has highest regard , the complexities they face in providing the best health care are immense. To Manage a hospital, it involves lot of complexities around

  • Managing your finances
  • Managing your inventory
  • Managing your staff
  • Keeping track of the services given to patients
  • Managing appointments and effective allocation of resources
  • Co-ordination between all different departments in the hospital

We found some of the common issues which are faced by the healthcare providers typically lies around organizing huge amount of data around them.

Currently we analysed that either this work is done manually or done via some ineffective systems which act in isolation. Though the current mode of operation is delivering results - but the amount of effort taken to realize the task at hand is high . These modes of operations can be streamlined and improved by brining in better IT systems in place. Which help the Health Care provider able to improve the operational efficiency at the hospital , manage costs and help them make informed decisions. a right balance of the co-ordination of systems in the hospital will enable a better patient care and experience.

We realized that not every hospital is same , each and every hospital is different in terms of it's specialized service offering , it's size . So we categorized our solutions based on the size of the establishment as well as speciality.

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